Women Responsible for Their Own Orgasm
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Are Women Responsible For Their Own Orgasm?

As controversial as this subject may be, the question still needs to be answered. Here’s some context. We can trace it all the way back to the point of contact, which the media has packaged so perfectly over the years to be colloquially understood as love at first sight. This is followed by the pursuit. The act of courtship is as much a two-person dance as is a boxing bout. Ever heard of the phrase It takes two to tango?

The female is as much the pursuer as she is the one being pursued. Her body language, the words she uses, the pheromones she emits and her subtle gestures invariably let the male know that the feeling is mutual.
The female makes too many decision in the process leading to the bedroom dance that she has to take some responsibility for not climaxing.

Woman are ultimately the cause of their own orgasm. Find out how they are responsible for climaxing when having sex.

The Truth About Women’s Orgasm

My argument is that the female’s decision to find an eligible suitor and get involved with one is the first notable choice she makes in a series of decision we overlook. The appeal differs from one person to the other. Some women like their men tall, dark and handsome while others prefer the opposite. With all these boxes ticked, the guy’s ability to sexually satisfy his lady in bed remains unknown.

Whilst a relationship is not only about sex, but sex can also sustain any relationship the same way money and security can. Moreover, it is worth noting that the latter is still a much more guaranteed vehicle to get you to orgasm land. There are movies and toys in different shapes, forms, and sizes that she can use to cum anywhere, anytime. But what kind of life is that?

Any self-respecting woman knows that once you step into a relationship, you have to protect yourself. The decision to get tested before you engage in sexual intercourse even when you going to use a condom is one of the important choices in relationships everyone should be making. In the process of being sexually woke, disease-related examinations are not the only tests that a couple can take.

Sex Education on Getting An Orgasms

In fact, trips to the doctor not only give you the insight you need for your sexual health, but they also inspire a certain level of trust in the relationship. Information from the doctor can help boost the sexual performance through following a prescribes diet and specific exercises.

Furthermore, no man can claim that they are the best sex partner. Firstly, it’s impossible and female preferences and rhythms are different. Therefore, in a new situation, you can teach an old dog new tricks. More than half of the world’s population of men still have sex for the purpose of releasing sexual tension. It is also common knowledge that it doesn’t take much for men to climax.

It is, therefore, the female’s prerogative to tell the male what to do in order to get her desired outcome. Assuming that the guy knows what they are doing is a mistake. Tell him not to rush, go slow, circular or horizontally. Guide him so that he can get you to your destination.

Faking An Orgasm

While in theory, faking an orgasm is good for the relationship, the burden falls on the female to let the man know that he needs to do something different. These variations may take the form of change in tempo, styles or setting. A female cannot, by Kamasutra teachings, complain about not climaxing if all she does is lay on the bed. Talking dirty, grinding hard and switching positions is one way you can go about it. These are some indicators that let you know that a person is engaged, present and enjoying themselves.

Do not make the mistake of assuming that it takes a large dick to guarantee that a woman cums. Thrusting forcefully also gives the illusion that one is hitting the G-spot when you only hurting their partner. It is as much a physical exercise as it is a mental one. As a side note, it would help all the men in the world if women could tell the guys where their erogenous zones are and how to best reach there. Life would be so much easier.

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