Don't Have Sex On the First Date
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Why You Should Avoid Sex on the First Date

Have you ever found yourself in bed with someone before you’ve actually had time to define the status of the relationship? Scary thought, right? One can be forgiven for giving into temptation, throwing caution to the wind and doing the deed. But then, what follows after that? If we look at sex as the final step in a series of stages of intimacy in a relationship, you run the risk of ruining a good thing by sleeping with your partner too early. So then, what are the repercussions of jumping into the sack too quickly? Can it affect the longevity of a relationship in any way?

So You’ve Slept Together on the First Date, Now What?

There’s an expectation created once two individuals have sex, implicit and explicit. On the surface of it all, individuals instantly assume that the relationship has been made official in some shape or form. The posture becomes different, an air of familiarity is created and more often than not, one party is not ready for a more formalized commitment.

Set on the First Date is Wrong

It may seem rather archaic fundamentalism to expect two consenting adults to abstain from boning on the first date solely because it’s socially frowned upon. It goes beyond that. For one, there’s an implicit assumption that this may be normal practice for both parties. While the old-fashioned prejudice accepts that it is perfectly normal for men to sleep with women on the first date still holds, the same cannot be said for women. Till this day, women get branded inconsistently to their male counterparts regarding their sexual exploits.

Guys Who Try to Sleep With You on the First Date Are…

It is a widely held idea that guys will probably attempt to sleep with a lady on their first date. In the same breath, there’s an expectation for a lady to resist the advances made on her. The hunter and the prey conundrum is well understood, and it is slightly biased against women. When a guy wants to sleep with you on the first date and succeeds, they are labeled a lady’s man. The same cannot be said for women. The stigma follows a woman that isn’t afraid to sexually explore the lengths of a new relationship. In the modern era, a large number of women do that. But, it hasn’t affected the public opinion of being perceived as a loose.

The Night of Steamy Sex will Determine the Length of a Relationship Quicker

Once two strangers have had sex on the first date, there’s only a few directions that the relationship can go. A good night of mattress-dancing will establish that both of you are sexually compatible. Which is a tall feat judging as how people have dissimilar preferences. Sexual chemistry is only struck way into the relationship, once you’ve gotten to know the person’s rhythm, where they like to be touched and favorite position. Now if the sex is horrible, there’s no salvaging the situation. The stakes are too high. At the very least, once each person has established that they like each other, they can compromise, work at it and find a way around it.

Avoid Sex on the First Date

The Purpose of a First Date

We cannot deny the fact that a first date is not the perfect setting to have sex with someone you barely even know. This is the type of behavior that has led to the growth in the phenomenon of one-night-stands. At that point, it is impossible to tell whether you genuinely love your date or not. The push for a steamy night of sexual congress is driven more by lust and the impression that has been created on the date.

Owing to the fact that first impressions don’t last, the date will try to put their best foot forward, dress and smell nice and generally have all the right answers. Sleeping with a guy on the second date is just as bad. The supposed three-date-rule is also problematic. This is because couples now have predetermined pressure to hit the sack. While there’s no magic number, the goal of a first date remains to identify whether you share chemistry with your date and whether you like a person’s character.

In conclusion

Human sexual behavior can never be boxed, what works for one person might not work for the next. Most people are sexual prudes and have a number that they would not want to exceed. This also puts pressure on them to stay with a person once they’ve had sex with them. This means ignoring red flags about a person’s character and compromising on deal breakers.

It is way too common for sex on the first date not to end well. Adding the weight of sex and how good it was is risky. Sexual satisfaction is different for both parties. How long it takes, and whether an emotional connection is there is learned over a period of time. Even when the humping was great, it doesn’t guarantee that it will evolve into a fully-fledged relationship.

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