Too Much Junk in the Trunk
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Too Much Junk In The Trunk?

From the heading, your immediate assumption was that I was referring to the size of a man’s sexual anatomy. While you’re not too far off, I use the words junk and trunk figuratively to mean brain activity. The sensual connotation is a deliberate play on words. Its meant to introduce how one’s thoughts before and during sex can turn the activity into an anticlimactic experience.

In heterosexual and male homosexual relationships, the sexual experience starts and ends with an erection. If one can’t ‘rise’ to the occasion, the consequences extend well beyond the interaction. Supposing that erectile dysfunction and health-related handicaps are excluded from the discussion, I investigate how one’s thoughts about their sexual partner, the act of sexual congruence itself and performance (both previous and during) can inhibit the penis’ ability to erect before and after ejaculating.

I won’t get too technical and relay how the central nervous system triggers changes in blood flow to the penis which ultimately results in an erection, that’s what Wikipedia is for. On the contrary, I will simply elaborate on how one can lessen the self-imposed burden of performing at a certain level which may inadvertently lead to adverse effects.

Exhibit A of Too Much Junk in the Trunk

The journey begins with a personal experience that I’m not ashamed of admitting. Assuming that I’m one of a million men that go through this at one point in their life. Following my failure to give my girlfriend an orgasm, I decided to research what to do outside the parameters of romping her missionary style and the odd switch up to doggy style. Part of the challenge lay at remaining erect after cumming.

Too Much Junk in the Trunk

The other part was understanding that females have multiple erogenous zones that are very hard to find. The internet suggested I exercise, reduce my alcohol intake, change my diet and drink lots of water. After following the tips to a tee, I started raving on about how I was going to tear that ass up. Inadvertently, I raised both our expectations and even went as far as purchasing lubricant.

I filled my trunk with so much junk that the men downstairs probably thought he was being neglected and would teach me a lesson – you know how only children can be. Upon a sustained amount of time performing four play, Mr. Johnson (for the purpose of the article, that’s what my penis will be called) was flaccid.

The awkward experience of bringing this up in conversation without looking like a moron took masterful patience and timing. My girlfriend was understanding and said this happens. Since this was my first time, I wondered how she knew that. Anyway, I later understood that although the brain may be willing, it is all contingent on one’s cardiovascular system. But, if all is well in that department, how one perceives the relationship, their sexual partner and ultimately themselves becomes a huge factor in the process of coitus.

In conclusion

My previous performance came back to bite my ass in a different encounter. With the promise of a repeat engagement, I am now forced to forget my aforementioned experience in order to perform. The best of the best strikers miss penalties, but still, strap on their boots and go back on the field the next game. It only takes one good romping and I’m Mandingo again. However, just in case that doesn’t work, I’m packing viagra.

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