I told Her I Lover Her First
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Best Reactions When You’ve Said I love You First

Dropping the L-bomb first has a similar effect to dropping a nuclear bomb on a new relationship. Once you’ve said it, you can never take it back. The relationship can never be the same again once the phrase I love you is said out loud. The weird thing is that you may feel this way, but once you’ve told your partner, thing automatically change.

Our reaction to hearing those words is also as powerful as uttering the phrase. Too often we become fixated on the reasons why you shouldn’t tell your partner you love them. Perhaps it is too early in the relationship or they might possibly not feel the same way. In that space, we lose the opportunity to strengthen the bond you share with your potential. We battle with these thoughts until we produce just enough Oxytocin that we are no longer fully in control over our emotions.

Tell Her I Love You First

How to Say I Love You for the First Time

When it comes to matters of the heart, there truly is no manual. Some things work for others while some couples just go with the flow. One thing is certain though, there is no perfect time for when to say I love you for the first time. Making a spectacle out of it can sometimes have the opposite effect on people. If it is planned and too perfect then there might be an ulterior motive attached to it.

If the emotion is truly genuine, it will happen organically. The object is not to withhold how you feel for fear of rejection. There is nothing more cruel than waiting for the ‘right time’ to say I love you only for you not to hear that reciprocated.

When a Woman Says I Love You

There’s a popular school of thought that reckons that when women tell men that they love them it is set in stone. Truth is, both sexes hold sway over which direction the relationship takes when they choose to emotionally invest in a relationship. The facts are that women are more emotional in nature than men are. That means that they are prone to developing stronger feelings in a relationship than men do.

Men, on the other hand, process their emotions at a much slower pace. They opt to display a masculine posture and shove their feeling deep inside their hearts. This makes men the worst people to expect an emotional response from. For all intents and purposes, they may feel the same way they ust wont show it.

What’s the Best Reaction to Hearing Someone Confess their Love

Telling a person that you love them first has got to be one of the most nerve-racking moments in life. Met with unreciprocated energy and enthusiasm, it can cause a lifetime of wounds that can never be healed. The purpose of waiting just long enough before you tell a person you love them is to avoid not having developed feelings together. Once a few months have gone by, you can tell from a person’s actions that the relationship is worth giving it a go.

Throwing caution to the wind only to land face first is heartbreaking. Telling a person that you love them first only to hear them respond with ‘okay’ or thank you is worse. If you do not want to mislead a person by telling them you feel the same way, a warm and tight hug does the job.

It is reassuring and while not the best response, it shows that you care for the person at the very least. Honesty is the best policy. If you missed the opportunity to tell your special person that you love them first, tell them you’ve always felt this way in your response.

Sure, saying I love you first is risky, and probably very dangerous words to use if you don’t actually feel that way. But it is definitely worth it. At best it takes a relationship to another level, more emotionally tuned and rewarding. At the very worst, it lets you know if the person you’re with is just stringing you along and doesn’t feel the same way about you. In that case you sever ties completely and move on with your life. Still a win in my books.

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