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The Perfect Gift to Give Your Partner

Have you ever questioned the love that your partner has for you based on the gift they gave you? That’s because gift giving is the most elaborate expression of how you feel about a person. While there is no overaching rule to gift giving, there are several dos and don’ts that can make or break a relationship.

It does not matter whether you have been involved for just a couple of months or you’ve known each other for years, some modicum of thought has to go into the gift you give the person you claim to love. Now, this doesn’t mean that we encourage a culture of materialism, in fact, some of the best gifts to give your lover don’t cost a thing. To this end, we’ve listed a couple of factors that determine the type of gift you extend to your person.

Romantic Gift for your Boyfriend

Factors that Influences the Choice of a Gift

1. Significance of the Day

The importance of the day to you and your partner plays a huge role in determining the type of gift you get them. Different days carry different types of significance to the couple as a whole and the individual. For instance, a wedding anniversary signifies the day you both tied your nuptials and confessed your undying love to your partner in front of everyone you care about. It only makes sense that such a day be celebrated in some shape or form.

2. The Interest that the Person has Shown

It goes without saying that you simply cannot buy your person a gift that they’ve never shown an interest in having. Whether its an item that they may need or use on a daily basis, they have to explicitly indicate to you that they want that.

3. Element of Surprise

This relates to getting someone a thoughtful gift they wouldn’t necessarily get themselves or expect to receive. It combines the above-mentioned factors of having prior knowledge of the need and it can essentially overlap any day on the calendar.

4. Brand Power

We live in a highly commercialized world and certain brands and bespoke items speak volumes to the way your person of interest is willing to spend on you. Getting a Gucci bag or Tag Heuer watch does not necessarily mean that a person loves you more or less. However, it indicates a level of financial security that some find necessary in a long-term relationship.

5. It’s the Thought that Counts

It is highly encouraged that you put some thought in whichever present you buy for your significant other. Ironically, the phrase “it’s the thought that counts” has been reduced to refer to a gift in which very little thought was given. The best approach is not to base your gift on the price tag. Rather, make sure that it arouses the desired response from partner.

6. Romantic Vs Practical Gift

There is a polarizing distinction between a romantic and a functional gift. A romantic gift represents an item extended to a person of interest to arouse an emotional response akin to love and adoration. A practical gift, on the other hand, relates to a present given to a person after noticing the need for that specific item. While it may invoke sentiments of joy and admiration, it will probably not make the cut for gift of the year.

Top 10 Best Approaches to Gift Giving

Here are the top 10 tips to giving your boyfriend or girlfriend the best gift:

  1. Do not be guided by the price tag when looking for a romantic gift.
  2. Do your research on what your partner wants and needs without letting the cat out of the bag. You can enquire useful information from friends and those close to them.
  3. Find creative ways of repurposing items that have sentimental value to the person.
  4. Always ask yourself if the gift you present will arouse nostalgia especially for a day of some import. For instance, the first Valentines Day you share with your partner sets the precedence of the gifts you will receive in the future.
  5. An absolute no-no is re-gifting an item you’ve received before. Afford the person you love the common decency of avoiding an embarrassing encounter with the initial gift giver.
  6. A gift can always take the form of an experience. Take your loved one on an unforgettable experience and create memories that will last forever.
  7. Take into consideration the length of the relationship when choosing the perfect gift. With each year that passes, the amount of thoughtfulness and effort put into the gift ideally should improve.
  8. Gifts that indicate that you envision a future where you both still together are the best. This doesn’t have to be a full commitment gift like an engagement ring (although those work the best), but an indication of seeing the relationship lasting longer might do the trick.
  9. Mementos of shared experiences that last forever are ideal. Take a picture or video of a sunset on a getaway trip and present it in a unique way.
  10. Continue and maintain tradition. If, for instance, you both share a hobby like the love for games and puzzles, it is great to find either a collector’s item or the latest edition of the game to give your significant other

Share you thoughts on whether our tips on a romantic gifts have been useful or not. Better yet, leave a comment on some of the gifts that you’ve received for this Christmas from your boyfriend and girlfriend.

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