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Can You Have More than One Soulmate?

The notion of having a predestined romantic partner is a heart-warming idea. It posits that each one of us has a person out there that is compatible with us in all aspects. Such people are called soulmates. Others search their whole lives looking for that one person. The question then remains, is the only one soulmate for each one of us or there are many souls to mate with?

Soulmates Meeting in the Same Lifetime

There is a strong belief that you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince. Nowadays, this convention is frowned up, with vicious stigma attached to the process of searching for your compatible partner. The journey to meeting your soulmate is a lovely one because in the interim, you learn a lot about yourself.

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A soulmate extends beyond the person that you share the bed with. If you believe in having a soulmate, by extension, you believe in souls. That is, you have an understanding that over and above the physical attraction, there’s a mental and spiritual connection that needs to exist. Soul matching is a type of relationship that was written in the stars. An unconditional love that supersedes logic and knows no discrimination; whether sexism, racism etc.

You’ll be lucky if you come across one, but you’ll truly be blessed if you get to spend your remaining days with your soulmate.

There is a school of thought that argues that you will meet more than two soul mates in one lifetime.

Do Soulmates Last Forever

As you grow older and wiser, your priorities change. You value certain things more than others while some relationships reach their expiration dates. While someone can sweep you off your feet and become your life partner at a certain point in time, they may not fit into your life when you are older. Therefore, it is problematic to assume that each one of us has ONLY one person that is compatible with them.

Self-discovery is a process that happens every single day. You learn through experiences and you implement the changes accordingly. Similarly with believers of multiple soulmates, if you break up with someone you thought was the one, you bounce back and find another. Each relationship comes with its own baggage. And since you can’t really tell if someone is your soulmate at first glance, you learn over time.

Conclusively, with the birth and mortality rate fluctuating all the time, you cannot have an even number of people that exist. Additionally, there are some cultures that practice polygamy, with multiple wives that share a special connection with the husband. The heart wants what it wants and you seldom find the will to deny it what it wants. Moreover, since soul searching is tied to the pursuit of happiness, were all simply living our lives trying to go to bed happy.

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