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Dating Deal Breakers for Couples

Everyone has their list, a bevy of things that they cannot overlook in a relationship. This list includes behavior that is somewhat offputting and at worst, disrespectful. Some find physical deal breakers as something they cannot possibly ignore. There are different accounts from people that have come across deal breakers and have chosen to neglect them for one reason or the other. Needless to say, ignoring red flags has never ended well.

It is important to note that several deal breakers come in a form of lived experiences while some have been learnt from our childhood years. Before you even call off a relationship, you may want to explore ways to change them. This means that people will weigh their dislike for certain things against how much they love a person then try to fix them.

What are the Deal Breakers in a Relationship?

My deal breaker meaning comes from a lived experience. I have found myself in a pit of depression all because of a relationship that didn’t bring me any joy. You would think that people have a semblance of empathy not to put someone through an embarrassing situation that they themselves would want to avoid.

A cheating partner has got to be one of those deal breakers that cannot be excused. The worst and most universal deal breaker is a dishonest partner. One does not need to be a pathological liar before you can do something about it. Failure to be truthful from the get-go only spells out trouble in the long run.

Dating Deal Breakers for Guys

Most guys have physical deal breakers that they cannot tolerate even when they’ve tried. Their preference in a partner is hard coded in their minds and very difficult to change. Some men cannot date a woman that is tall, some have hair fetish and one would go as far as having a specific body type.

Relationships for guys become an extension of themselves and thus, their ego become attached to the relationship. Ideally, they look for partners that will complement them as a picture perfect couple. This is not an exaggerated generalization that men are shallow. On the contrary, it is a preference that many people can subscribe to because they’ve lived through it at one point or the other.

While the name itself suggests that you cannot reconcile a relationship that has that type of behavior, there are certain deal breakers that can be fixed over time. Tardiness, smoking, or perhaps lack of focus; there are steps that one can take towards unlearning a destructive pattern of behavior. There’s medication and therapy that can get you to be the best version of yourself. It all comes down to whether or not you think your partner is worth it.

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