My Type of Boyfriend Isn't for Me
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I Think My Type Isn’t For Me

Looking back at all your relationships from the past can give you some insight into what exactly you’ve been looking for. For better or worse, it gives you an impression of what your idea of a partner is. Too often we fall prey to the idea of what a lover is supposed to be. The media paints a superficial image of perfection that we search for in our everyday lives – to no avail. All the information we consume, from magazines to tv ads, they help build-up what our ideal match ought to be.

This retrospective look into the past has shown me that my type or version of perfection just isn’t for me. Granted, it is not all based on the media’s representation. I have learned over time that my upbringing also had a lot to do with the way in which I choose my partners.

Searching for My Dad

When I read books and horoscopes, the image of th person I want to share the rest of my life with becomes so much clearer in my head. Fast-forward to the person I lock lips with and its the exact opposite. Is it too much to ask for to expect a brilliant mind to be wrapped in a ribbed, tall guy with a firm ass to squeeze?

My soulmate should have all the desirable traits I witnessed growing up with my father. A decent, caring man that provides for his family. The trick to it is making sure that he is emotionally available, something you hardly find in men that have money. I suspect that subconsciously I disregard many potentials based on what they can offer me in financial security. In my mind, it is much easier to shape the thinking of a man than changing their salary bracket.

My Type of Guy

The Picture Perfect Couple

My vision board is filled with places I want to go and items I want to own. I have planned out my life to the tee and the only missing piece is the person that is going to walk this journey with me. My friends have told me that my standards are pretty high, and they are rightfully so. I do not believe in letting just any Tom, Dick and Harry be part of my life. The unfortunate part about this picture-perfect image is that it is unattainable.

Every person I let in my life finds a way to eventually disappoint me. I know that every relationship has its ups and downs, but there are some things you just can’t overlook. People sell you dreams and then fail to deliver when it counts. Does this mean I will die alone or my knight in shining armor is still out there?

I refuse to settle for a situation that will only bring me despair in the long run. However, I’ve come to the realization that maybe my type of guys aren’t really meant for me. Just maybe my perfect man is in the opposite direction. I’ve been going the wrong way all this time. Surely I have learnt from my prejudice by now, right? Its a new dawn for me and I cant wait to see what the future has in store for me.

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