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Lusting Over The Forbidden Fruit

The old proverb about the Forbidden Fruit is premised on the hallmark of the highest debt that anyone had to pay. It is the punishment levied by the highest authority on earth, God. The phrase has taken a colloquial definition to mean any activity that yields high levels of pleasure despite being frowned upon in society.

The beauty of unattainable standards is that in trying to reach them, people lose undesirable characteristics to the point where a social convention is created. In acting as you previously would, one is shunned and ostracised to the point where desirable behavior is conditioned. This desired behavior is contrary to our basic human instincts. Thus, in trying to go against them, we sign up for a subconscious battle every single day. Loss of the battle results in rebellious behavior, while a win constitutes sexual constipation disguised as socially desirable behavior.

What is the Forbidden Fruit in the Bible

It is well understood that human beings are the only species on earth that practice monogamy. Being in a monogamous relationship is one continuous struggle to remain faithful that is only nullified by death. Monogamy is not only a physical challenge but it poses a mental one too. And, by biblical standards, human beings fail to remain monogamous in not only their thoughts but their need to satisfy their insatiable appetite for sexual pleasure as well.

I do not propose that people become sexual animals, seeking to engage in sexual congruence with everyone they see. I simply allude to the fact that sexual release is a very real yearning for both male and females. And, trying to look past it only results in infidelity and bottled up resentment.

Forbidden Fruit

Marriage &  Forbidden Lust

Championing the institution of marriage reinforces the idea of how walking down the aisle is some kind of success. The institution of marriage is principled on the formation of a union in which male and female seek their ideal match of a life partner and a co-parent. By ‘ideal match’ I mean the characteristics that one party lacks, the other compensates for or helps unearth. To suppose that this is the only reason that forms part of the logic behind people getting married would be absurd. Financial security and stability have been words touted in response to reasons why people get married.

However sound the reasoning may be, people will always have a sexual appetite that exceeds their significant other’s capacity to match it. Whether people choose to act on these whims or not is inconsequential. The allure of the forbidden fruit is much more powerful than the love that one may have for their partner. This is supported by the billions of dollars flooded into the porn industry every year. This platform allows people to live vicariously without the threat of cheating and destroying their families.

Why Was the Fruit Forbidden?

Therefore, it is integral to understand that outlawed behavior was once socially acceptable as everyday reality at some point. Seemingly, the phenomenon of the forbidden fruit does not exist in polygamous and open marriages. This is because of the understanding that appeasing a sexual appetite is not tantamount to love. It is also documented fact that there are higher divorce rates in monogamous marriages than in polygamous ones. This may not be solely due to the fact tha in polygamous marriages the sexual appetite is always satisfied. However, sexual appeasement in a polygamous marriage is a constant feature because one is not forbidden in indulging in the fruit.

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