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Has Jealousy EVER Been a Good Thing in a Relationship?

The capacity to be jealous over the most fickle of things is inborn in each and every one of us. Oddly enough, it is the worst and some would go as far as say one of the most adorable features we show when we are involved in a relationship. If left to its own devices though, it has the potential to lead down a very dark path. Our jealous actions tend to be amplified when one has strong feelings for their significant other. In romantic relationships specifically, jealousy has a long body count when looking at reasons for breaking up.

Jealous Partner

When it manifests itself in overbearing and childlike conduct, it can be difficult to live with. On the rare occasion, these passionate expressions of protectiveness and possessiveness have been justified as indicators of deep affection. Which begs the question, has jealousy ever been a positive thing in a relationship?

Reasons for Jealousy in Relationships

For most of us, we’ve shied away from confronting our jealous behavior because we did not like what it says about our character. Even when viewed in a positive light, it is not a flattering sign for a relationship. This is because, in essence, jealousy has nothing to do with the next person, but everything to do with you. In its raw form, jealousy is undisguised feelings of insecurities and fear. The fear that your affections are not reciprocated and that you may eventually break up with your partner.

Jealousy in Relationships

In this context, there is nothing good that can come from being jealous. Having seen how it plagues the mind and thoughts of a person, it becomes evident that the person had no confidence in relationship to begin with. This fear of abandonment becomes the breeding ground for distrust in the relationship and can never foster long-standing ties with a loved one.

How to Deal with Jealousy in a Relationship

The best way to deal with a jealous partner is to confront the root cause of this green-eyed monster. Under closer inspection, jealous partners have a history of abandonment that still lives in their mind. The separation from a loved one negatively affected their self-esteem and subsequently need the reassurance of being loved.

Understanding that jealousy is a personal battle, it needs to be conquered by the individual before they can even be ready to love. This involves making a concerted effort to working on self-love and by extension your confidence. If you believe that you deserve to be loved unconditionally, you will love without conditions.

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