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Never Violate the Bro Code and Playbook

There are some things in life that you just don’t do. You don’t need to be told not to do it, you instinctively know. The bro code is one of the most important knots that tie a friendship together. While you will easily find different definitions from people on what the bro code meaning is, there is a general idea that exists. Whether it is an implicit or explicit playbook that details what ought to be done, chances are the rules must be followed. Failure to live by the bro code book may result in rejection from your social circle or worse.

The bro code has received flack over the years for seemingly putting relationships in jeopardy. It has been relegated to being a pact between friends not to snitch on one another or get involved with each other’s partners. While these particular bro code rules are arguably the most important, it goes beyond that.

Bro Code for Girl

The big misconception about these set of rules is that they are meant for guys. Girls also have their own girl code that mirrors the values of the bro code. They are neither an extension of the bro code, nor are they inferior to them. They are rightfully important pacts among women to put aside selfish desires for the greater good of the collective.

One of the most crucial things to remember about these rules is that they bind a friendship together more than anything else. No amount of material things will show how much you value your brother more than selflessly making sure that they are in good standing.

Bro Code Rules List

Here’s a list of some of the playbook rules that you ought to live by. While there are too many codes to list, we’ve shortlisted the most important ones.

Never leave a man behind

2. Thou shall not sleep with a friend’s ex or family member.

3. Thou shall speak up for your bro when called to testify about their whereabouts.

4. Bro shall defend the honor of thy brother when they are not present to so themselves.

5. Bros shall call thy brother to order when they

Bros before hoes

7. Thou shall assume wingman duties when called upon.

8. The bro code playbook shall remain sacred and never revealed to the opposite sex.

9. The bro shall be firm with thy brother to prevent them from making a fool of themselves. They will not allow a bro to drunk dial an ex, drink and drive, or engage in any activity that might bring them to disrepute.

10. Ultimately, thou shall not discuss anything revealed during a confessional with anyone else. The an implied sworn to secrecy for bros.

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