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How Online Dating Changed My Life

Each and every one of us, at some level, needs to experience being in a worthwhile and fulfilling relationship. Your pool of potentials is often limited to people you come across in your neighborhood or when you go to work. On weekends, you’re running errands and you generally don’t enough time for dating. While searching for your perfect match, online dating can be a great platform to find someone you are compatible with. There are loads of free online dating sites on the net that you can try out.

There are tons of people that have testimonies of finding their soulmate online, but that is often clouded by articles of people using the net for nefarious purposes. That shouldn’t deter you from exploring different avenues for dating. I’m not saying there aren’t any posers out there. I’m just saying do not discount online dating sites altogether. In fact, while you are on a dating site, make sure you do your due diligence before deciding to meet your potential.

Dating Sites for Singles

The dawn and subsequent success of online dating app Tinder changed the face of internet dating. It broadened the scope of dating online, creating a platform for single people that are not searching for relationships per se. Some people aren’t looking to commit at all. No strings attached type of relationships flourish online, especially when both parties know what their getting themselves into.

Online Dating Sites for Singles

The Popularity of Online Dating

The increase in the number of people stepping into social media platforms and using the internet, in general, has reached astronomical figures. More than two-thirds of the world own a cellphone and of that number, only a quarter of the users do not have a social media account. All of the social media apps you’ve come to know are a byproduct of earlier online dating platforms. This means that we cannot remove Facebook and Instagram from the process of getting to know someone you met on a dating website.

As someone that is somewhat of a shy introvert, speaking freely about myself takes a lot of effort. I shine in a one-on-one context, where there’s really not a lot of people. Unlike meeting someone by the store or on Facebook, people that visit dating sites have the sole purpose of creating a relationship. You do not waste time dabbling in niceties that are not progressing towards something tangible.

The Evolution of Online Dating

Sure, online dating comes with its fair share of pros and cons. I’ve come across 100% free online dating site that have dubious matchmaking algorithms that will turn you off internet dating completely. You take it in stride and search for the next best thing. I’m not knocking totally free online dating sites. In fact, I’ve found them to consist of a larger pool of potential partners than the sites where you have to pay.

What is important is that you have to be upfront about what you want out of the experience. If you are seeking a long-term commitment, you should express that from the beginning. There are dating sites that offer free personality test that helps with finding your match and creating a shortlist of the potential mates that are compatible with you. I would recommend looking at online dating statistics for non-believers that are skeptical about dating online. You would be surprise which of your favorite couples met online.

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