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Why Asking Questions About My Dating History is Unneccesary

Recounting of one’s sexual escapades from the past is probably one of the most unnecessary conversations you can ever have. You stand nothing to gain from the information. Besides, you are most likely going to hear of a number that your partner thinks you want to hear. Are you familiar with the phrase “ask no questions, hear no lies”?

In our pursuit of happily-ever-after, we meet people we believe to be our soulmates and sometimes it doesn’t work out. Some of the people we’ve shared the bed with, and some of them we didn’t get that far. It is either out of regret or blatant embarrassment, but we hope to rid ourselves of those memories or hope never to speak of them ever again.

How Many Partners is Too Many

What makes this question so unnecessary is that there is no magic number that will please you. If you can count the number of people you’ve slept with in a single hand, then you are probably inexperienced. If it is more than both hands can count, you are labeled a slut or worse.

Knowing this to be true, your partner will surely settle for being an inexperienced lover than risk losing some modicum of respect for having slept around too much. The numbers game is influenced by the societal norms and standards that prevail in this day and age. While men wear their high number of women they’ve taken to bed as a badge of honor, women are shamed for their sexual exploration. This disproportionate bias makes looking for the answer to this question a risky exercise.

How Many Sexual Partners Is Enough

Which One is Worse, Too Little or Too Much Experience

Modern medicine took away the risk of sleeping with countless partners and living to regret those decisions. With the introduction of preventative medication and procedures, people explored their promiscuous side a bit more. They still do! Moreover, the stigma attached to sleeping around has gotten better over the years. This happened because more people started being sexually woke and rhe introduction of helpful apps like Tinder floating around.

On the one hand, having a partner that knows their way around the sack means that you’re in for a joy ride. You might even get to learn a thing or two. There’s very little to no mistakes and you generally discover each other’s rhythms much quicker. On the other hand, having a virgin or inexperienced lover may mean that you have to take time before you get to enjoy having sex.

In any case, there are probably numerous ways that you can find out without the need to have an awkward conversation. Having sex with your partner already gives you some indication of how much experience one has had with lovemaking. Some people will base their lack of experience on their religious belief, while others simply prefer waiting. What is truly important is that you get to share the bed with that person at that moment in time and what happened in the past ought to stay there.

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