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Fun Facts About Valentines Day

Literally just a month after arguably the most commemorative day to love in the year and it seems like it never happened. Like me, you probably got your flowers and a romantic date. You probably wished you could stop time and stay in the moment just a while longer. Truth be told if that moment lasts longer than a day, then you’re pretty lucky. Fact is that too often we gear up for a single day or month in a year to shower one another with love and thereafter, regress to a life of habitual contact and below-par lovemaking.

This is not a complaint, but rather a reflection of what my love life has taught me throughout the years. That has, in turn, given me the peace to accept that fairy tales are only for the movies. In reality, human beings are designed to find comfort zones wherever they are. It applies to relationships as well. While it doesn’t mean that you should settle for less, it just means that the type of love you receive on Valentines Day is not sustainable in the long term.

Saint Valentines Day

The Origins of Valentines Day

I have since wondered what was so great about this day that it lasted for centuries and shows no signs of diminishing returns. Originally called Saint Valentine’s Day, it was more of a religious day than what commercialism has made Valentines to be. The long and short of it is that Italy is the birthplace of the day. Over the years, its meaning reflected the prevailing belief of the day.

To properly say I love you on valentines day in not so may word, you can buy your partner red roses. Flowers on Valentine’s Day have been a long tradition of the day, usually capped off with a card or gift. Nowadays, the more bountiful the flowers are along with the coupling present can determine the reaction you get for them. They are a universal sign of love and affection.

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