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Dating a Gemini Horoscope in 2019

It would be weird to ask someone about their star sign before going out on a date and simply dismiss them thereafter. Truth be told, there are some horoscopes that you definitely have to think twice before you start dating them. Geminis are not one of them. You have to try dating a Gemini at least once in your life, that might just be the only chance you need.

Every zodiac sign has preexisting character traits that precede them. Geminis have a reputation of being known as serial flirts, very charming and smooth talkers. This is why most people go as far as sometimes referring to Geminis as geniuses. With this in mind, you would be forgiven for assuming that all Geminis are sapiosexuals.

Gemini Relationship Match

Learning more about your partner’s horoscope is a practice that relates to the study of compatibility. Astrologists world-round have put forward their version of the best match for Gemini man and woman. It is suggested that Geminis are compatible with some star signs more because they share certain qualities. As conversationalists, that means that the potential partner has to have the quality to hold down a conversation.

Off the bat, you can band Geminis with all the star signs that have intelligence as their best quality. Gemini compatibility with Sagittarius star sign is indicative of this notion. The two zodiac signs are very affectionate and place value in gaining insight into their partner’s mind than anything else. This view is also supported by the suggestion that Gemini compatibility with Gemini is one of the most interesting relationships around.

7 Tips to Dating a Gemini Horoscope

We’ve combined the good, bad and ugly of dating a Gemini. They get a bad rep for exhibiting these character flaws traits, however, they may appeal to someone else.

Gemini Gets Bored Easily

It is rather unfortunate that Geminis are easily bored in a relationship that lacks spontaneity. They always seek to be tested, stimulated and in search for the next discovery. It will serve you to keep things fresh and avoid repeating the same thing over and over again.

Gemini Personalities Overtly Affectionate

You will be showered with affection and love when you’re dating a Gemini zodiac sign. They are known for their adoration for public displays of affection.

They Live on the Edge

Geminis will test the limits of the relationship, in a good and a bad way. To find out what the limits are, they will push you beyond your personal boundaries. Some people love the idea of being put in new and uncharted territories while others enjoy their comfort zone.

Their Good on their Feet

Geminis are definitely the best guests to have at parties. They are great conversationalists and can pretty much talk their way out of anything. Their most likable trait is that they perceive a difference in opinion for what it is, a difference in opinion. They do not become emotionally invested in a debate.

They Seldom Rub You the Wrong Way

As a star sign that is typically analytical, they may rub people the wrong way unintentionally. This means that the is very limited room for absurdity and funny gags that border on rude behavior. While they are a chatty bunch, they hope to gain something from a conversation.

Geminis & their Mood Swings

Reminiscent of their Gemini twins enigma, they are known for having dual personalities. They may be seen to have taken a certain posture and can change almost immediately. They are a malleable people, with no way to suggest how they will react in a certain situation.

Incessantly Competitive

They are oddly competitive and high-achievers. They might spark a debate on topics that lay close to someones heart and fail to see when they’ve went too far. Geminis’ ambitions are above average to that the next person, and they stop at nothing to achieve them.

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