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Sapiosexual Relationships are the Best

Any relationship that is able to sustain the same level of interest and intrigue beyond the physical attraction is one to keep. Sapiosexual dating is one such phenomenon. Sapiosexuals are deeply attracted to intelligent romantic partners. While this fascination does not mean that sapiosexuals neglect a person’s looks completely, it just means that the physical appeal becomes secondary.

Looking back at your dating history, you’ll be able to recognize whether you’ve been romantically drawn to a person’s intellect or their physical appearance. In a sapiosexual relationship, a person is aroused by how smart a romantic partner is. This means that these relationships are a process that develops over time. Discover obvious signs that your dating a sapiosexual partner.

Sapiosexual Woman

Sapiosexuals Pace Themselves in A Relationship

Only a sapiosexual individual will find their romantic partner’s ability hold a decent conversation as sexy. This interest in a person’s mind slows down the pace of the relationship as opposed to a more physical one. The priority for sapiosexuals lies in reaching a deep level of understanding and connection. Jumping into the sack is an afterthought. It will happen naturally, once the mental connection is established.

They Are Picky with their Partners

Sapiosexuals treat their romantic space as sacred, with only the deserving few that get to enter the ‘kingdom’. They do not date a lot because their preference is quite particular. They naturally have triggers that make them aware if a person is a potential romantic partner or not. For instance, someone with bad grammar, low emotional IQ and a general ineptitude to express themselves eloquently will not even get a chance to go on the first date.

Stimulating Conversation is a Must

Don’t get me wrong, being able to solve difficult science and math equations is great and all. But, this is not the type of intelligence I allude to. I’m referring to emotional intelligence, being able to generate interest in a conversation. There’s an art to being able to chat for hours without an awkward pause or crickets chirping after a while.

Dating a Sapiosexual Woman

Sapiosexuals are Open-Minded

Taking a sapiosexual test will ultimately show you that it is not about a person’s title but how they are able to form an argument and support it. Debating is a major feature in sapiosexual relationships. It is not intended to prove whether one party is smarter than the other. It is more to advance the discourse, engage in polarizing ideas and learn from one another. Moreover, real sapiosexuals have a deep level of empathy. They are about to sympathize with your point of view without making you feel like you’re dumb.

They Have Little Tolerance for Foolishness

A classic sapiosexual is smart to a fault. They find it difficult to recognize simple gags or tolerate foolishness. Their brand of humor is dry and witty. They are not amused by slapstick, dirty jokes and crude one-liners. These are seen as lousy attempts to drum up a conversation when you have nothing better to say.

Less Inclined to Outdoor Activities

Sapiosexuals prefer dating in close settings, where you can both here each other without any difficulty. They would rather go on a picnic or a coffee store for a date than take part in an outdoor activity. Activities such as ice skating and amusement parks are more of a third and forth date, once a firm foundation has been laid.

They are a Sponge for New Information

A day doesn’t go by without a learning something new for a sapiosexual. Either about the world or those around them, sapiosexual act as sponges, sucking information from every thing around them. They love traveling and meeting new people. The appetite for knowledge is unquenchable.

While these signs are not the only markers of a sapiosexual, they are the holy grail of signals that you won’t miss. Unlike physical relationship, sapiosexual relationships have the propensity to last longer. They are anchored by a mutual level of respect and adoration for one anothers mind. Nothing is more prettier than that.

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