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7 Reasons Why Taking a Break from Dating After a Breakup is Essential

Every relationship you enter into demands a certain level of commitment, physically and emotionally. It is bound to take its toll on a person once the relationship comes to an end. All the planning of a future together, the mutual friendships developed over time and the memories shared; not enough credit is given to people that come out the other end emotionally unscathed.

Some people are not that lucky. It doesn’t even have to be a messy breakup for you to take some much needed time away from dating. This is why a break is a great way to reset and reboot before you hop into a next relationship. Taking a break doesn’t necessarily mean you are not ready to get back on the horse again. You’re basically allowing yourself to go into another chapter of your life clear-minded.

Taking a Break from Dating Someone

What Does Taking a Break from Dating Mean

Taking a break from dating after a break up may have some negative overtones, but it doesn’t have to. Moreover, taking the time to emotionally prepare for a relationship is one of the most selfless things that you can do for your new relationship. Here are some reasons that justify why taking a break is recommended.

Time for Personal Growth

The time that used to be spent on the relationship can be allocated toward personal discovery. This involves learning about oneself and finding your identity outside of the relationship. While it will take time to get the memory of your ex out of your head completely, you can start taking steps to redefine who you are. This will show your growth and maturity, learning not to look at the situation as a victim, but instead finding the silver lining in your breakup.

Establishing Self Control

This reflects the decision against going through an endless loop of repeated behavior, searching for love in all the wrong places. If you haven’t defined the reasons that led to the breakup and your subsequent role in it, you are likely to repeat the same mistakes. In order to avoid getting back with your ex, you have to accept that things reached a point where they were beyond fixing. Taking the time to establish some sense of control over your actions will ensure that you take something away from the experience and can use it in your next relationship

Getting Closure

Once you are emotionally in tune with the way you feel, you’ll be able to move on without baggage and find better companionship. Finding closure is very important because it ensures that you don’t have excess weight that weighing you down. Failure to fully accept the turn of events may affect your outlook on relationships going forward. Take the time to tally the benefits of being in a relationship at that point in time to being single and embrace the change.

Fill the Void with Things that Weren’t Attended to

It comes as no surprise that when you are in a fully committed relationship, somethings will take the backseat in order to ensure that the relationship succeeds. It could be friends and family or possibly even work commitments. The pause from dating does not mean you spend time wallowing about the past, its actually the furthest thing from that. It means you appreciating the fact that things have changed and change is always a good thing.

Making Sure There’s No Residual Negativity

You are likely to find support from people around you that will take your side and start bad-mouthing your ex. It is especially important to avoid this type of negative energy if you occupy the same space. It can be either the workplace or living in the same neighborhood. Negative energy toward the relationship and your ex has a tendency to lead one to act counterintuitively. You become spiteful and start doing things you wouldnt necessarily do.

Waiting for Things to Develop Organically

One of the best ways to know if you are over your breakup and have healed from the process is if things develop naturally. While there is no prescribed number of weeks or months that you need to wait, the best indicator that you are ready is when a new relationship actually looks good. If it is not forced or rushed into, new relationships are the best remedy for a messy breakup.

Meet New People

A breakup can be a great catapult into new experiences on your own. Time for new people, time to travel and see the world without waiting for someone else to be ready. All your decisions are your own and you can pack up whenever. Meeting new faces does not mean new suitors only. It can be friends and mentors that for some odd reason you never noticed while you were dating.

Taking the time to travel and Meet new people

Moving on from a great relationship is easier said than done. Moreover, it doesn’t help the situation when everyone around you keeps reminding you of your ex. Matters of the heart are different for one person to the other. There is no manual, but time is a healer of all wounds. Take the time to forget about the past and move on without any impediments.

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