Blue tick Messages means You're Ghosted
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6 Signs Your Being Ghosted

The art of avoiding a confrontation when you want to break up with someone is not lost to couples. Both sexes have a signature way of letting you know that things aren’t working out. Being ghosted by the person you love is probably the worst way of separating from someone. It is mostly unclear for one party while the other swiftly moves along with their life.

Throughout all the messy breakups that one has to deal with in a lifetime, you do find the appeal of just switching to radio silence. Ghosting a person of interest simply means avoiding any form of contact with a person. You may never know your being ghosted until its too late. Thus, browse through these six signs you’re being ghosted by a friend or a lover to tell the difference.

Being Ghosted by an Ex

Getting Blue-ticked Means You’ve Been Ghosted

The first sign that things are going south is when the conversations start becoming different. This can range from the frequency of chats changing to the capacity of engagement not being the same. One of the most common mistakes that people make is coming up with excuses for their partner’s shady antics. The blue tick, for instance, makes you aware that the recipient has read the contents of the message and chose not to respond. It is that simple!

You Doing Most of the Heavy Lifting

In order to know for certain how to tell if a friend is ghosting you, tally who does the most to make sure the relationship exists. When a person does not see the value you bring into their life, they’ll do the bare minimum to keep it going. Its almost as though they are doing you a favor by being your friend or lover. Such a person will not follow through on plans and can rarely be relied upon.

All You Ever Do Is Have Sex

Because people that resort to ghosting generally don’t have the courage of ending things, they still want to enjoy the benefits of a fully-fledged relationship. They will be available physically but emotionally they will remove themselves from the relationship. All the plans that they will agree to will involve having sex, mostly on their terms.

Slowly Distance You From His Circle

If the relationship involved the intermingling of friends from the get-go, it will become clear when you cannot hang around the same people anymore. Chances are, when your partner no longer wants to pursue a relationship with you, they will let someone in their inner circle know. The collective group activities will start to occur outside your presence.

No More Social Media Notification

We live in an interconnected world and there’s no way you will miss a friends or lover’s post online. That is unless you are not intended to see the messages. When social media posts and by extension any milestone happen without your knowing, you’re being ghosted. That means that a person has intentionally blocked you from seeing their life progress without you in it.

Energies are Out of Sync

Ultimately, you will know when something is not right. All the excuses in the world will not make up for the disappointments and the convenient excuses that will explain the change in behavior. At no point in time should a relationship be more work than its worth. Learning to sever ties when they are not challenging you to become a better version of yourself is the penultimate test.

There is an air of disguised immaturity in ghosting people you don’t care for anymore. When a relationship has run its course, it is worthwhile to consider all the good times shared together. In light of that, respectfully tell the person that you no longer get value from the relationship and you intend on seizing any and every communication going forward. After all, that’s what adults do!

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