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15 Sex Question That Will Leave Her Wanting More

It is funny how everything in a relationship is centered around communication. The types of conversations you share with your partner are the bedrock of your relationship. You can either make the decision to drive the conversation or rebuff anything your partner says. In turn, you will get greater insight into how your partner thinks and where their mind is at.

Do not shy away from sex-related discussions, they are what keep the fire burning in a new relationship. Keep the spark alive with these sex questions and learn more about your partner’s sexual curiosity. Peep through our full list of flirty and dirty questions for couples in a relationship. The list of sex questions for girls and guys seeks to gain knowledge about your partner’s past sexual experiences, and desires.

Sex questions for Guys and Girls

Sex Questions for Couples

  1. Are you a top or a bottom?
  2. What is your favorite sex position?
  3. Do you ever daydream about having sex?
  4. Would you ever take part in a threesome?
  5. Do you sleep naked or you prefer lingerie?
  6. Does size really matter?
  7. Do you enjoy taking dirty?
  8. How was your first sexual experience like?
  9. Would you like to watch an erotic movie with me?
  10. Do you enjoy having oral sex?
  11. What is your wildest sexual fantasy?
  12. How many people have you slept with?
  13. Have you ever tried sleeping with the person of the same sex?
  14. Have you ever used sex toys during sex?
  15. Does it matter where you do it?

Bear in mind that the answers to these question should be acted upon immediately. Lest you forget and lose the opportunity to do so. If you are ever embarrassed to have this conversation face to face, you can take advantage of all the technogy we now have at our disposal. Who knows, it just might lead to a steamy sexting session.

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